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Why We're HERE.

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

LadyBug EarthCare started as a group of women gardening together with ecologically mindful practices. Our baby business quickly boomed and bloomed to meet the incredible demand for organic landscaping services, land stewardship support and habitat creation.

Before long, we were serving six counties in South Central PA, stretched beyond our capacity, experiencing the high turnover rates of contractors in our field, and completely burnt out.

After key founders and core crew members moved on to new adventures, we took a big step back to prioritize self care, reconsider sustainability, and re-focused on LadyBug's true mission:

We serve wildlife by helping humans reconnect through stewardship.

How can we make the biggest impact in the most ethical way, for Earth, wildlife and humans?


Through this time of transition, we're focusing on Earth First: our common ground and inspiration.

We can make a real impact when we each take responsibility for our own patch of Earth, do our small part for the greater whole, and make slow, small changes towards better sustainability, less pollution, and more habitat for wildlife.

We're here to support and empower you on your personal EarthCare journey!


How To Get Started

1. Subscribe to LadyBug's Newsletter! Get our DIY Tips, Resources + Eco Inspiration to your inbox.

2. Use these Garden Design Tools! Choose your palette and purchase plants! Use the NWF's Native Plant Finder, and pick a garden planning tool to get started!

3. Explore our Network. If you need help with your landscape, reach out to our curated community of local, ethical EarthWorkers! We're happy to make referrals for Earth and Women Focused contractors.


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