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Our mission at LadyBug EarthCare is to serve wildlife by helping humans reconnect through stewardship.


We put together this list of our favorite tried-and-true DIY resources to empower you in your relationship with stewarding the land you call home. Bookmark this page and check back often to learn and grow along with us!





Quick Start


Nature Hour :: Rebuilding Biodiversity In Your Backyard


This super-packed educational talk was given by Elyse Jurgen of Waxwing EcoWorks for the Lancaster Conservancy. It's a great overview of the fundamentals of ecological gardening and habitat building. Settle in and get inspired, just like we did!


The Serviceberry - An Economy of Abundance :: Robin Wall Kimmerer


This one beautiful essay is full of LOTS of our favorite things. Written by the author of a favorite book, Braiding Sweetgrass, it offers Indigenous wisdom, an intro to the Gift Economy, reciprocity, and a powerful way to get to know one of our all-time favorite plants. Dig in!



Design Tools + Principles



❖ Learn About Permaculture


❖ DIY Garden Design Templates

We developed these bird-friendly native garden templates in collaboration with Waxwing EcoWorks and Audubon Mid-Atlantic. Discover how simple and beautiful a native plant garden design can be! Explore designs that fit your site conditions.



Transform Your Lawn + Build Habitat


[IG Planting instructional]


Find Support + Ethical EarthCare Businesses in Our Region

Sustainable Services + EarthCare Resources in Central PA

Herbal Medicines from Susquehanna Apothecary



Deepen Your Relationship with Earth

❖ The Wilderness Awareness School, founded by Naturalist Jon Young, offers one of the most transformational courses we've ever done! Also recommended by our Woodland Steward mentor. Explore their Independent Study Program :: Kamana Nature Awareness.



Recommended Courses + Certifications

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