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Earthcare coaching

We all want to make an impact.

It's hard to know where to start or what to do next.

Let's dig in - Together.

"We need to wake up and fall in love with Earth. Our personal and collective happiness and survival depends on it.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


We know you love Nature.


You've enjoyed walks in the woods,

picnics, campfires, gardens and outdoor adventures.

Perhaps you have a community garden plot, shop local, volunteer at a nature sanctuary or support a wildlife refuge. And you want to spend more time with Nature.

But it's complicated.


There's a lot to process around Nature and our human involvement. You've heard about microplastics in the water, degraded soil quality and places on the planet where the air is almost too toxic to breathe. The world feels on fire, and we're all a bit burned out.  You know we need the bees and butterflies to thrive but you're not sure what to plant for them, or where. You're aware that biodiversity is essential but more species are going extinct every day, and you're not sure what to do or where to start.


It's overwhelming and it hurts.

You Care about Earth, our Home. You want to be a part of the solution and stop contributing to the problems that we are facing on this planet. You want your lifestyle and your landscape to have a bigger, better impact for Nature.


You want to make a difference.

And, you can.

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​​“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

― JANe Goodall

EarthCare Coaching was created to empower you,

to make a difference for yourself and the planet,

right where you are, in connection with the land.

Enjoying Outdoor

What You Need to Start:


Access to Land

For the duration of the coaching program you'll need access to local land for practical application. Any size/space will do, but everyday accessibility is key.

Landless? Let us know and we can hook you up. You can still apply.


Curiosity + Questions

Want to help the planet? Regenerate soil? Protect the watershed? Support wildlife? Manage erosion? Find the "right plant" for that tricky spot? Experience reunion with Nature? We can do all that and so much more. Easily. With Nature as our guide.



→ Slow down

→ Observe + LISTEN to the Land

→ Learn new ways of interacting ecologically, economically + socially

→ Work through resistance, fear, overwhelm, mistakes, discomfort, grief

→ Remain open to what emerges through this practice over time as things change.


Awareness of EarthCare

Not sure what "EarthCare" means or includes as a lifestyle and practice?


Take this FREE EarthCare 101 Mini Class to learn what it is, why it matters, and how it can benefit us! Sign up here.


A Coach!

Learn how to listen, read the landscape, understand Nature, and practice Care in effective ways. While Earth is the teacher, Kendra is just one of many humans willing to assist you on the journey, as a Coach.

Is there a patch of land you love?

Do you long to connect, but question what to do?

What are you curious about?

"The ecological warriors of the future won't just be scientists and engineers, but [will be] gardeners, horticulturalists, land managers, landscape architects, transportation department staff, elementary school teachers, and community association board members...anyone who can influence a small patch of land.

― Claudia west

Meet Your Coach

Kendra Hoffman

Founder of LadyBug EarthCare

Hi, friends. My mission is to empower humans to support pollinators, build habitat and reconnect with Nature, through stewardship and kinship, as a form of environmental activism and radical Self-as-Nature Care.


I am certified in Emergent Nature-Based Education, Habitat Stewardship, Permaculture, Ecological Design, Wilderness First Aid, Somatic Movement Therapy, Yoga Instruction and holistic healing modalities. I grew up gardening, raising chickens, building forts, and salamander-searching in local creeks. I have managed small organic farms and consulted on hundreds of local properties, urban, suburban and rural. Until recently my business offered regenerative landscaping and ecological design, but the intensity of admin work was unhealthy, so we shifted.


Truly practicing EarthCare is about a core connection with Nature that not only builds our capacity to transition lawns-to-gardens and foster habitat for endangered species, but also transforms our body, mind, spirit and presence in community.

Many opportunities focus on a landscape elsewhere, which is valuable for learning patterns and witnessing Nature in various states - especially whole or intact ecosystems (we will take field trips!). But I know you need practical help with your backyard, farm, or a patch of land you love - a place where you can build a relationship. You need a fusion of permaculture, regenerative farming, wilderness awareness, ecological landscaping and holistic healing practices, to recover from burnout and rebuild your relationships.


That's why I created EarthCare Coaching. In this program we focus fully on you and the patch of land  you love - right where you put it all into practice, with 1:1 guidance.


I'm excited to empower you into action, build your confidence and increase your capacity to connect with Nature. We can make a difference in every backyard, sidewalk strip, patch of land, heart, mind, body and soul. If you don't have access to land, we can find one in need of care! Anyone can do EarthCare, and all are needed now.


In resilience and gratitude,


"Start where you are." -Pema Chodron

The EarthCare Coaching program starts with a 6 month commitment and includes:

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1:1 Coaching


Meet monthly via Zoom.

Recordings + Email follow ups.


Site Visit


In-person land walk-n-talks

TBD by Nature + the coach.




EarthCare Resource Library

+ online Community Group.

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Group sessions, skillshares, plant walks, nursery visits, etc.

The cost of the program is custom based on size of property and scope of need.

Coaching Sessions Include

How to Observe + Interact with Nature

Vision + Goal Prioritization

Strategic Resource Management

Native Tree + Plant Suggestions

Low-Cost, High-Impact Tools + Techniques

Pre-Vetted, Ethical Referrals

Quick-Start Ideas


During this program,
we rebuild our relationship with Nature through
4 Connective Phases of EarthCare

10-2020 ladybug-web-58.jpg









Connection with Nature leads us into an active EarthCare lifestyle of Kinship & Stewardship.



Belonging and relating to each other and Nature like family (the land, wildlife, insects, plants, all of us).

erin mulch front.jpg


Ethical care of the land; responsible planning and management of resources and ecosystems.

This all happens in a Place - wherever you already live or have access to land - no matter how simple or small.

LFS 2.jpg

In this Place, transformation happens both internally and externally, through practical application of the tools, techniques and practices you'll work through with your EarthCare Coach.

Practices + Subjects We Dig Into

Permaculture Principles + Ethics + Ecosystem Services + Native Plants + Local Ecotypes + Plant Communities + "Right Plant, Right Place"  + Sheet Mulching + Soil Regeneration + Carbon Sequestration + Microbes + Vermiculture + Pollinator Support + Habitat Building + Invertabrate Conservation + Bat Boxes + Bird Songs + Endangered Species + Watershed Stewardship + Riparian Buffer Forestry + Rain Catchment Systems + Streambank Restoration + Erosion Control + Lawn Conversion + Cultural Norms + "Cues to Care" + Multifunctional Food Forests + Wildlife Corridors + Sacred Grounds + Sit Spots + Self Care + Body Wisdom + Mental Health + Physical Fitness + Herbalism + Wild Foods + Tree Crops + Natural Phenomena + Oscillation + Appropriate Technology + Building Natural Capital + 8 Forms of Capital + Community + Resilience + Ecologically Mindful Practices

And Much More

What are some topics or projects

you'd like to dig into?

"In the spring, at the end of the day,

you should smell like dirt."”

― Margaret Atwood

Long Term Benefits of EarthCare



Remember your self as kin with every being on this beautiful planet.

Woman Working in Garden


Know how to take action and have the capacity to make an impact.

Navigating in Woods

Save Money + Time

Eliminate expensive services, high labor tasks and energy drains.


Receive Nature's Gifts

Benefit from the abundance all around us, waiting to be seen.

Organic Blueberries

Cultivate Wellness

Become more resilient and whole, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Walk in Nature

Transform Your Life

Find purpose by adopting an Earth-first lifestyle and enjoy living here!

"Action on behalf of life transforms.

Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting.

As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.”

― Joanna Macy

The EarthCare Mindset is


We prioritize what the land needs over what people want.


We work together to reconnect with all our kin, human and other.


We engage the work with our bodies as actively as we are able.


We flex and change plans according to unique needs and seasons.


We learn to see/hear what the land is doing/saying as our guide.


We commit to caring for a place on this planet as our home.


We bring a sense of wonder and openness to the experience.


We choose to practice daily and make this a way of life.

We can cultivate this mindset

and transform our lives + landscapes together.

Join the EarthCare Community.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead


"My experience working with Kendra has been tremendously valuable. She observes and listens to you, your land and all the creatures involved with a deep presence and care that enables the creation of a truly holistic, adaptive plan. She is overflowing with and willing to share wisdom, relevant resources and connections to ensure the vision you co-create with her can be peacefully and effectively implemented. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

— Emily, Pastured Cattle Farmer


"Kendra has an incredible amount of knowledge in ecology, gardening, land care, people care, and not to mention an enviable work ethic. I’m always intrigued by the information she shares and I’ve started to make changes in my own world because of that, slow changes but I’m making progress! Learning from Kendra directly is a no brainer for me!"

— Rosa,  Suburban Gardener


Still not sure what EarthCare is,

why it matters

or how it can benefit you?

Start with our FREE mini class! 


EarthCare 101: What IS it, Why does it MATTER + What's in it for YOU?

A heart-to-heart about how EarthCare helps you reconnect with Nature where you are, as a path toward healing the Earth and yourself through kinship + stewardship.

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