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The EarthCare Calendar is back for 2023!


We've made some big updates and improvements for the new year.  

* all new gorgeous pollinator images from our community

* brand new quotes and more holidays for awarness

* rearranged tips, inspiration and checklists to follow Nature better <3

* darker lines and bigger numbers for better readability

* starts with Sunday instead of Monday!


We're on a mission to support wildlife by helping humans reconnect through stewardship of the land, right where they are, in their Place. That's why we created the 2023 EarthCare Calendar.  


You don't have to own land to use this tool or connect with Nature directly. If you're ready to deepen your relationship with your land, wherever you live, love, work or worship, the 2023 EarthCare Calendar is for you. Create essential habitat, support pollinators, and feel empowered to make a difference for Earth.


Tips, inspiration and an EarthCare checklist for each month will help you focus on what's most important in every season, taking the mystery out of caring for the land as you get to know it more intimately.  


In collaboration with our local community, the calendar is complete with stunning scenes of native plants, wildlife and pollinators.


Join us on this EarthCare journey, and together we can make a real impact in our Places <3

2023 EarthCare Calendar

  • We created a guide for how to use your EarthCare Calendar, complete with photo credits and gratitude for our collaborators. View the EarthCare Calendar guide here!

  • This product is a landscape orientation wall hanging calendar with a spiral bound spine, a hole in the top for hanging, and standard sized (8.5 x 11''), printed on paper source from responsibly managed forests. It will fit anywhere you usually hang your wall calendar! We also left plenty of space in the grid for you to add birthdays and notes for your life <3

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