How To Use Your EarthCare Calendar

Cover Photo: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) on Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata) - Judy Dove

The LadyBug 2022 EarthCare Calendar is a full year journey, designed by ecological gardeners and land stewards to guide you through EarthCare in every season, with monthly inspiration, DIY instructions, and simple checklists - to focus on what's most important each month.

Monthly tips and tasks are designed for both beginners AND “advanced” earth workers. The inspiration and advice is applicable anywhere, to build habitat, but details are focused on the mid-Atlantic bioregion and our native flora/fauna/fungi.

You don’t need to own land to enjoy this calendar! There are thousands of abandoned wild spaces, and hundreds of local landowners with patches of earth, waiting for your attention.

Through the seasons, you will get to know the land more intimately by observing + interacting, practicing ecology + stewardship fundamentals, protecting soil + water, and building habitat for pollinators and wildlife - to create biodiverse ecosystems.

Photo: Pollinator Garden - Sara McFadden

LadyBug Inspiration and EarthCare Checklists are packed with actionable tips, focus areas, and concepts to explore for more skills and deeper awareness. Terms in "quotes" are intentional invitations to research more - to empower your growth.

Many hands make light work. Let's create a better world for humans and wildlife together.

Join us on this journey in 2022! Get your EarthCare Calendar here.

With gratitude for Collaboration and bringing the EarthCare Calendar into reality . . .

Kendra Hoffman

Morgan Laubach

Kelsie Sands

Tyler Yenna

Judy Dove

Rita Tomassetti

Kerri Thauby

Gratitude for Ecological Mentorship

Sherrie Moyer - Hungry Hook Farm

Linda Ferich - Lancaster Habitat Stewards

Dale "Pappy" Hendricks

Elyse Jurgen - Waxwing EcoWorks

WIlson Alvarez - Woodland Steward, Horn Farm