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Lawn Conversion

The state of Pennsylvania has 2 million acres of grass mono crop lawn - ready to be converted into wildlife habitat and beautiful gardens, to sequester carbon, to reduce soil compaction, to control erosion, and to prevent sediment, fertilizers and toxic chemicals from accessing our precious waterways. Whether it becomes an eastern forest, wildflower meadow, or native perennial garden, we are excited to help you convert that lawn to something ecologically beneficial and lovely.


This service begins with an intake form, to collect vital information about your site. Each landscape has unique conditions and we aim to help you create gardens and habitats that will thrive, well supported by Nature, for your ease and lower maintenance.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in a Lawn Conversion!

We will be in touch with next steps, seasonally. Please be aware that we get a huge amount of requests for this service so we may not be in contact quickly. Thank you for your patience and trust that we are as eager to see this happen as you are!

In solidarity and resilience,

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lawn conversion stories

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