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If you're just joining us, feel free to explore and choose which challenges you want to incorporate into your Mindful CleanUp this season.

As a reminder, you are NOT behind on Fall CleanUp! In fact, it's totally okay - and even ecologically beneficial - to just let things be in the landscape as they are.

These challenges are following a seasonal timeline, based on when we recommend engaging with each task, but many can be done anytime, and if you don't get to something this year - that's okay!

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How to get started + set yourself up for success

EARTHCARE SKILLS: Sit Spot, Nature Journal


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Ecologically mindful deadheading, seed saving + scattering


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Composting, keeping resources on site


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Soil building, keeping resources on site


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Plant ID, soil building


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Habitat building, habitat stewardship


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Habitat building, habitat stewardship


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Cues to Care, habitat building, habitat stewardship


EARTHCARE SKILLS: Perennial plant care, winter EarthCare, tool care

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