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3 Foundational EarthCare

Core Routines

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While there are many principles, practices and concepts involved in EarthCare,
these 3 Core Routines are the best way to jumpstart your EarthCare Journey.
You can do these activities anywhere - in your Place,
wherever you live, love, work, and worship.

These simple, foundational routines will help you get to know your Place on a deeper level. This is how you will form your baseline of awareness and connection you need for mindful action and ethical impact with the land you tend, or even simply the land that surrounds and supports you.

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3-Day Challenge

10 Weekly Emails

5 Part Tutorial

our 3 Core Routines

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Sit Spot

The Sit Spot is the entry point for all of EarthCare and it's the easiest way to grow a deeper relationship with nature.

Our 3-Day Sit Spot Challenge will give you simple daily prompts to start this fundamental practice in your Place, right where you are - even if you don't own land.


All you need is 5-15 minutes a day + access to Nature where you can easily visit - whether it's a spot in your yard, a seat on your porch, or a window to gaze from. 


Want to learn more before you dive in?

Check out our blog about the Sit Spot practice here.  

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Nature Journal

Your Nature Journal is a record of your personal primary research as a citizen scientist, and also a love letter between you and Nature.


This is where you capture experiences, observations, feelings and questions…and come back to reflect and ponder year after year.

When you sign up with your email, you'll get our Nature Journal quick start guide, plus 10 weeks of prompts, delivered weekly to your inbox. 

We created a variety of prompts to give you ideas, tips and guidance for your practice. Each weekly email includes several prompts, so you can choose the ones that inspire you as you create your own unique Nature Journal. 

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land walk_coaching 20.jpg

Land Walk

Land Walking is a foundational practice that we recommend doing at least once per season in your Place. 

While the practice is very simple, it is also intentional

This Land Walking Mini Course will teach you how the LadyBugs practice Land Walking with our clients, and in our own Places, plus offer you many ways to approach it in different contexts.

You will learn the basics of Land Walking through the 4 Foundations of EarthCare:

  • AWARENESS - finding your Place and learning ways to walk with it.

  • CONNECTION - learning how to listen to the land and build a relationship with Nature.

  • ACTION - mindful ways to care for your Place.

  • IMPACT - sharing with others and ways to expand the practice.

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