Land-based Consultation

Offered by Kendra Marie Hoffman


Walk me around your landscape! Show me the areas you want to address and I will give you direction and feedback on how to start building habitat for wildlife. The first visit is virtual.


Download the [printable] Virtual Site Visit

ROADMAP: How to Prepare + What to Expect.

I am certified in Permaculture, Ecological Design and Habitat Stewardship. My mission is to serve wildlife by helping humans reconnect with Nature through earth care.

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EarthCare Coaching

Offered by Kendra Marie Hoffman


I help land owners/stewards learn to care for their landscapes in ethical and ecologically beneficial ways, while learning a new form of Self-as-Nature care. Building habitat for wildlife, supporting pollination and ecological gardening are all possible with a little knowledge and encouragement, and the foundational element: connection with Nature.

If you want to do something beautiful and beneficial with your land (or the landscapes you manage), but can't invest the 10,000's of dollars it takes for someone else to do it, I can coach you into action.


This program provides empowerment to do EarthCare yourself, and the opportunity to reconnect with a community who can offer you even more support. Through kinship and stewardship we can transform the land and our lifestyles.

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Ecological Landscaper Business Support

Offered by Kendra Marie Hoffman


I help experienced landscapers and budding new earth-lovers become Independent Contractors or Small Business Owners in the fields of ecological landscaping and habitat stewardship.

Depending on your current skill and experience, your path will vary greatly. I am confident I can point you in a good direction to get started, or help you through the next steps.


If you want to work for Earth, let's chat.

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