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Land Walk Consultation

Begin your EarthCare Journey with us!

During this in-person, on-site consultation, we will walk around your landscape, experiencing your full property, pointing out special plants and areas of concern. We may also:

  • observe the sunlight, soil and moisture conditions on site

  • use tools to ID plants: native, invasive, edible and poison

  • discover resources and opportunities on site

  • assess mindful cleanup task list and needs

  • discuss ways to lower maintenance, show neighbors you care, plant natives, build habitat, support pollinators and reduce lawn, with style and ease. 

Our EarthCare Consultants are certified in Permaculture, Ecological Design, Habitat Stewardship and more. Our mission is to empower humans into stewardship and kinship with Earth.

This is a requirement for all local on-site services with LadyBug EarthCare in the Dillsburg-Harrisburg PA area.

If you are not local, please scroll down to see our Virtual Site Visit (alternative step one) and other accessible services!

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Seasonal Mindful CleanUp

A Signature LadyBug EarthCare Service, the Mindful Cleanup has been offered since day one - only available in the greater Harrisburg-Dillsburg PA area.

In both Spring and Fall we offer this service to clients who want gentle tending, careful mulching around tender plants, thoughtful pruning and native plant care.


The Mindful CleanUp is unlike any traditional landscaping service. We prioritize practices that protect pollinators (say that 3x fast!), regenerate soil and restore habitat for wildlife WHILE making your landscape look clean and beautiful.


Our crew is certified and trained in Permaculture, Ecological Design, Woodland Habitat Stewardship, Nature-Based Education, Wilderness First-Aid,  and more.


EarthCare Projects

For the DIYer and those who need a stronger helping hand local to the greater Harrisburg-Dillsburg PA area.

From rain gardens and pollinator beds to evergreen pollution barriers and terraced hillsides, our crew loves to tackle ecological restoration, one patch at a time.

We can help you move those mountains of mulch across layers of cardboard, or plant 500+ plugs in a day!

Let us know more about your EarthCare Project, whether you've got it started or not, we can help you figure out the next steps, through Ecological Patch Design and Emergent Strategic planning.

If you're not local and need advice on your projects, please scroll down for EarthCare Strategy and DIY Install Plans - easy to customize for your land!

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BackYard HomeStead

Only available in the greater Harrisburg-Dillsburg, PA area.

We love assisting with your food production and sustainability goals, and every backyard homestead is unique, so this service can be offered as a full Kit or the items can be requested alacart. Here's what we offer:

  • Cedar Raised Beds

  • Pallet Compost Bins

  • Rain Barrels + Stands

We can provide the built woodwork for you to install and place wherever you want, or we can start with a consultation and create a plan for best arrangement in your backyard, including areas for pollinator gardens and more.

Please fill out this form to get started:

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100 for Pollinators

A native plant kit + ecological garden install package.


This package covers 100 square feet of space and includes:

  • Virtual Site Visit or Land Walk Consultation with the LadyBugs, to determine which of 9 native plant kits will function best in your ecosystem and how to site prep.

  • Step-by-Step Install Plans, customized for your specific site and scenario, including site preparation methods. 

  • 50 native plants, with 10 different species in each kit that cooperate together in community, grown from seed by Sherrie of Hungry Hook Farm in Bainbridge, PA.

  • A Planting Plan, plotting each plant's position, with 2 styles for best arrangement by Angela of Soil + Ink.

  • Access to our Slack Space for DIYers to check in with us for guidance during installation or Full Service Garden Installation with the LadyBugs!


There are two Paths, to include everyone who wants to give 100 square feet of their landscape to nature, in support of pollinators: DIY Support or Full Service. Read more!

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The Loveliness Program

Only available in the greater Harrisburg-Dillsburg, PA area.


This program is our unique approach to garden maintenance.


We connect experienced gardeners (Loveliness Mentors) with young adults (Ladybugs) to offer you ecological garden care. We cultivate beautiful and healthy gardens for pollinators and wildlife, while fostering an intergenerational connection.

  • Loveliness Launch Visit: a combined consultation and hands-on care session, to launch our connection. 

  • Your Loveliness Plan: provided after the launch visit.

  • Loveliness Visits (Optional): to ensure your ecological garden thrives throughout the seasons.


Ready to cultivate a bit more loveliness in your garden?

Our Remote Services for DIYers
& EarthCare Contractors



Virtual Site Visit

A Virtual Site Visit is an easy way to access our ecological knowledge and guidance on your EarthCare journey, if you live an hour or more away from Dillsburg, PA.

Walk us around your landscape on Zoom! Show us the areas you want to address and we will give you direction and feedback on how to lower maintenance over time, increase pollination, support native plants and build habitat for wildlife.


Our EarthCare Consultants are certified in Permaculture, Ecological Design, Habitat Stewardship, Nature-Based Education and more. Our mission is to empower humans into stewardship and kinship with Earth.



Mindful CleanUp Guide PDF

A 21-page ultimate guide to all your Mindful CleanUp questions - great for DIYers!

Before making big plans to change your land, it's essential to observe and interact with it, listening and learning about it. We've collected our best tips from years of practice, and this PDF includes it all:

  • Toolkit Checklist

  • Basic Pruning Techniques

  • "Weeds" 101

  • Sheet Mulching Tutorial

  • Natural Materials Collections List

  • Seasonal Timeline - what to do, when


Because our little crew can't be everywhere, we created this robust and detailed guide to help you take the next step on your EarthCare Journey: the Mindful CleanUp.

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EarthCare Project Strategy
& DIY Install Plans

This is a virtual opportunity for guidance from our EarthCare Consultants + Contractors on your projects.


Need help knowing how to sheet mulch on a hill, where to plant pollinators, finding the best location for raised beds, knowing what to do with a wet area, or what's most ethical and efficient in odd cases?


Our EarthCare Project Strategy Sessions are designed to help you move forward on your EarthCare journey, whether that's in planning a project, figuring out the best steps, or simply finding ways to connect better with Nature in your Place .

Because every person and every Place is so unique, these sessions help you focus on what you can do now (immediate next steps) and help you plan for later (long term goals in phases) to make a powerful impact for the planet. It may take more than one session to realize all your dreams, or you may benefit from an occasional boost along the way.


Wherever you feel challenged or in need of insight or resources, we are determined to help you establish a strategy to make your EarthCare goals a reality.

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Business Support Session

Kendra helps experienced landscapers and budding new earth-workers become Independent Contractors or Small Business Owners in the fields of ecological landscaping, habitat stewardship and earth-first entrepreneurship.

After many years of messes, mistakes and wild successes, Kendra is confident she can point you in a good direction to get started, or help you through the next steps. Depending on your current skill and experience, your path will vary greatly, so this a custom chat.


If you want to work for Earth, without reinventing the wheel or rapidly burning out, get professional guidance here.

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