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land walking

Learn the basics of this EarthCare Core Routine in our

free 5-part video mini course.

The 5 topics of our Land Walking Mini Course:

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Presented by Kendra Hoffman
Founder + CEO of LadyBug EarthCare

My mission is to empower humans to support pollination, build habitat and reconnect with Nature through stewardship and kinship.

I created this 5-part mini course to help you start Land Walking in your Place, anywhere you live, love, work, work or worship and have permission to tend the land. This practice is foundational to our core ethics of observation and interaction, so that we can take mindful ethical action, based on a relationship with the land. Let this be your guide to getting to know your Place, like you do a new date!


"Start where you are." -Pema Chodron

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