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We're all about empowering you to practice EarthCare with your own hands, in your unique Place, where you can have the most meaningful impact for Earth.

If you're motivated to support pollinators, build habitat for wildlife + reconnect with Nature, but you just need to know how to get started...

The Loveliness Bundle is for You!

The Loveliness Bundle

  • The Loveliness Bundle includes:

    + EarthCare 101 MiniClass
    + 2023 EarthCare Calendar

    + 3 Day Sit Spot Challenge
    + Seasonal EarthCare Checklist
    + Tool Care Tracking Chart
    + EarthCare for Monarch Butterflies Guide
    + Summer EarthCare Tips
    + Winter EarthCare Tips
    + Urban EarthCare Checklist
    + Site Conditions Tracker

    + "Cues to Care" Checklist

    + Certified Wildlife Habitat Checklist

    PLUS our Ultimate Mindful CleanUp Guide:

    + Seasonal Timeline
    + Toolkit Checklist
    + Basic Pruning Techniques
    + "Weeds" 101
    + Sheet Mulching Tutorial
    + Natural Materials Collections List

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