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DISCOVER the 2023

EarthCare Calendar

Join us on a12 month journey to build habitat, support pollinators + reconnect with Nature right where you are - all with style and ease.

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What's Inside

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EarthCare Tips for Every Month

We're on a mission to help humans reconnect with Nature through stewardship of the land, supporting pollinators + building habitat for wildlife. 

That's why we created the EarthCare Calendar - and updated it for 2023 to flow with Nature even better.

If you're ready to deepen your relationship with the land, create essential habitat, support pollinators, and feel empowered to make a difference for Earth, the 2023 EarthCare Calendar is for you.

Many hands make light work.

Join us on this EarthCare journey, and together we can make a real impact.

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Observation Tools

Wildlife Habitat + Ecological Patches

Soil + Ecosystem Services

Water is Life

Beneficial Insects

Plant Communities

Sun, Heat + Light

Seeds + Site Prep Methods

Planting Techniques

Bats, Birds + Wildlife

Trees + Winter Interest

Gifts + Rest

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📒  A custom 12 month EarthCare Manual to guide you through the seasons as you steward your land and tend your gardens.

🙌  Confidence, capacity and skills in EarthCare.

✨  Empowerment to tend your land, or direct the ethical management of your land by others (contractors, landscaping companies, legacy caretakers) with ecologically beneficial practices.

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Hosted by Kendra Hoffman
Founder + Director of LadyBug EarthCare

My mission is to empower humans to build habitat and reconnect with Nature through stewardship and kinship. I am certified in Permaculture, Ecological Design, Habitat Stewardship, Nature-Based Education and Somatic Movement Therapy.


I created this 12 month EarthCare Journey to offer guidance where it's most needed: right on your landscape. By offering gentle support, guidance and feedback, my goal is to empower you to practice EarthCare with your own hands, and become the leading expert on your land. 


"Start where you are." -Pema Chodron

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"Many hands make light work."

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If you care for a patch of land - where you live, or interact frequently and take responsibility for - and you want to learn to do your own ethical, sustainable, ecologically mindful EarthCare, then yes! This program is for you. 


Not necessarily! This program is designed to help you build a custom EarthCare Manual for a patch of land you take responsibility for. It does require consistent access (preferably daily, but weekly of monthly can work too) which is easier for folks who live on the land they're caring for. However, you could use this program to build your own EarthCare manual for any property you have permission to tend, such as a church or school property, or a patch of community land in your neighborhood. We just ask you to confirm that you have permission to access and interact with the land, and be sure that you can reasonably visit frequently - daily is best!


→ Are you a permaculture practitioner, landscape contractor or Earth Worker interested in learning how to create EarthCare manuals for clients, or guide them through the process? We want to connect! Click here to join our list of practitioners and get more info curated just for you.

• How much time does the program take? 

It takes around 4 hours a month to make observations, complete + upload worksheets, and participate in the Cohort Council group discussions. You may choose to spend more time observing and interacting with your land - the more, the better! You may also choose to spend more time during certain months digging into project planning, project installations and skill building. 

The Build Your Own EarthCare Manual program runs for twelve months, giving you the opportunity to create an EarthCare guide for every season. Knowing what to do at what times can be overwhelming, until you have an understanding of how things flow over the course of a year, how EarthCare tasks weave together and support each other, when to plan, prep and plant, and so on. This is exactly what you'll accomplish as you work through the program. 

• How does it work? 

We send you an email each month introducing EarthCare topics, challenges and things to think about. You choose which tasks and challenges you want to try and record how it goes on your landscape, or simply record what you observe. Join the Cohort Council discussion at the end of the month to ask questions, get feedback, and finalize the steps you should take each year during that month/season with your landscape.

• What is the Cohort Council?

Your cohort is the small group of stewards who are also working through the program. The Council is a private group discussion held once a month (on Zoom), hosted by your guide, Kendra. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about monthly/seasonal topics you're working on, and get feedback from Kendra. We also find so much value in getting to hear from other stewards in the group about what they're struggling with, what they're learning on their land, and what questions are coming up for them. EarthCare is better together ♡

• What tools will I need? 

- Computer or smart phone for emails, Zoom meetings and uploading worksheets for feedback from Kendra 

- Seek App on your smart phone is a plus! Download the Seek App for iPhone or Android

- Basic Gardening Tools: Nothing fancy is required to participate, but it's helpful to have gloves, pruners, loppers, buckets, a tarp, and a hori hori. Check out our favorite tools we use and recommend in our blog: Create Your Own EarthCare Toolkit

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