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Click on each Step (1-3) below to see rates and descriptions of the LadyBug Client Process. 

Request A LadyBug VISIT

LadyBug VISIT Types + Rates

  • Garden Consultation | $90
  • Permaculture Design Consultation | $150 - $500
  • EarthCare Service | Request Quote*
Click HERE to REQUEST a LadyBug VISIT. JOIN our CLIENT HUB for FREE - Request Quotes - Approve Proposals - See Job Status - Pay Invoices *Consultation is recommended before EarthCare Services can be accurately Quoted.

Approve Proposal + QUOTE

After your Consultation or First Visit, the LadyBugs will research your specific EarthCare needs. A PROPOSAL will be sent, containing descriptions of the services most relevant to your needs, and a flexible range of Quotes. Your approval (eSignature) will be necessary to receive EarthCare SERVICE. This can be done within the CLIENT HUB or in person with a LadyBug. Jump into the CLIENT HUB to - Request a Visit - Approve Quotes - View Jobs, Invoices, History If you can't get it in, set up your account with us HERE.

Receive EarthCare SERVICE

EarthCare SERVICE can begin upon your approval of the Proposal + Quotes. CURRENT CLIENTS: Approve your Quotes through the CLIENT HUB or in person. NEW CLIENTS: Start by filling out the FORM to Request a VISIT. Continue to scroll down this page for more detailed Service descriptions.


EARTHCARE services

Regenerative CleanUps

With your preferences + style in mind, we trim, prune + shape your bushes, shrubs, hedges, + trees. We remove debris, deadhead, edge + mulch for low maintenance and high curb appeal. 

Mindful Garden Tending

Never "just weeding," we fully remove the un-wanteds, vines, and "invasive" plants by the roots, while watching for soil conditions and signs of disease.

Soil + Microbiome Health

The soil's health is our wealth. We can help you nourish your land with composting, testing, amending, and regenerating your living soil. 

Pollinators + Wildlife Habitat



Growing your own food is one of the most important things we can do. We install perennial and annual food gardens, and love to help you manage them. 

Earth Care includes creating safe space for beneficial insects and animals, as well as encouraging native plants and pollinators wherever possible. 

Tree Care + Woodland Stewardship 

While vines appear beautiful on trees, they are deadly. We remove dead branches, sever vines and create environments where woodland creatures can thrive.

Meditation + Sacred Spaces 

Gardens provide sanctuary and peace. We are honored to create and tend these sacred spaces. Be it a meditation garden or a private reading sanctuary, we strive to bring your vision into reality.



We love using salvaged, found, recycled and discount supplies. We like to pass that low/no cost on to you too, while we all strive to keep trash out of the landfills.



Payment Options

We kindly ask that you pay upon receipt of the invoice, but we can allow up to 30 days. Your invoice will come to your email via Jobber, our Client Hub. We accept cash or check on site, if a pre-set price was arranged. Checks may also be mailed to: LadyBug EarthCare PO Box 13152 Harrisburg, PA 17110

Why a Living Wage?

We create the opportunity for a living wage for all who work with us. A living wage is an essential standard for any ethical business. The work we do is physically demanding and requires self care and therapeutic treatments to maintain life-long physical health. This work is also mentally and emotionally laborious for us, as survivors trying to work within an abusive culture, and provide a radical compassionate service to other survivors. We appreciate your support in this radical business venture, more than you can know.

Where do we Source our Materials?

We proudly use local Women-Powered resources, including Dig My Earth + Robinsons; Excavating & Mulch, run by Jill Strang; and C&S Mulch and Stone, run by Kelly and Dan Potteiger, as well as many others.