Fall CleanUp + End-of-Season TIPS

There are so many different ways to approach this season - it really depends on your needs and goals.

LadyBug Chelsey trims hedges before the frost.

If you want a minimalist, clean look, we will focus on clearing out beds, trimming and removing debris. If you want to foster wildlife and pollinator habitats we will leave things a bit untouched in certain areas, while cleaning up other less hospitable places.  Here are some ways we can help you (or you can DIY!):  Clean Up Garden Beds

Remove Weeds by Roots

Trim Before Frost Remove Debris to Prevent Disease

Nourish the Soil with Compost

Protect Soil with Mulch Collect Seeds

Leave some Leaves for Birds and Bees! 

Plant Garlic + Flower Bulbs

Plant lots of Trees! 

Fall is an Ideal Time to Plant Trees - Here's Why! - from PA Land Studies 4 Season-End Garden Tasks You Shouldn't Skip - from Preparedness Mama 10 Fall Cleanup Tips for a Better Spring Garden - from The Old Farmer's Almanac 🧡 Each site has unique needs for healthy plant and wildlife habitats. We also provide a living wage for our crew, so we are offering the fall clean up service for a range of $270-$360 per visit. If you have significantly smaller or larger property/garden needs, we will certainly work outside that range as well.Tell us your unique needs! 


Payment plans are suggested! This allows us to do the work now (Oct - Nov), when it needs to be done (trimming must be done before frost). It also provides us with income into the winter, as you pay off your invoice sustainably. We all win! 

🧡 Request a LadyBug Fall CleanUp - text (or call) Andrea at our NEW number -

717 - 256 - 3953 *please save this # as LadyBug EarthCare* 

Connie's visit with the LadyBugs

Complete Fall Gardening Checklist | Free Printable - from Empress of Dirt 13 Fall Tasks for Homesteaders - from Misfit Gardening Autumn Activities for the Temperate Homestead - from Permaculture News


LadyBug EarthCare

LadyBug EarthCare is a women-operated garden and landscape business, specializing in permaculture and ecological design, serving survivors.

Regenerative Gardening $30-60/hr

Wind-Powered (battery) Machine Work $40-80/hr

Permaculture Design, Consulting, Research, Analysis, etc. $50-150/hr Poison Removal $30-60/hr PLUS $1/square foot