LadyBug EarthCare is a

women-powered landscaping

and ecological design collective

in Central PA.  


 We are guided by 3 primary ethics:

Earth Care

People Care


Earth Care 

Among many things, Earth Care means considering the impact our work, tools, machines, hands and feet have on the earth. We choose to reduce the use of tools which require fossil fuels, pesticides, herbicides, and any other harmful substances or practices. We will seek organic and regenerative options first, as our standard practice.


Even minor moves in the direction of more environmentally ethical behavior can have a significant impact. This article about the use of saws from LowImpact.org demonstrates how small efforts to create social, economic and environmental change are worth it - and in our experience, require less time and money than the use of fossil fuels. This article from the Penn State Extension offers charts and lists of alternatives to pesticides for home lawn care, there are many ways to love the land, we do not need to be using harmful substances.


In prioritizing Earth Care, we use principles from permaculture such as “produce no waste” and “creatively adapt to change.” When asked to address your site’s needs, from weeding, mulching and planting, to water management, retainer walls and hardscaping projects, we use ecological design methods in order to find the most effective approach.


We are never “just weeding.” We are evoking permaculture principle #1, simultaneously observing and interacting with your land, the soil, and all the living things around us. We treat each plant with intentional awareness, mindful of the soil and weather conditions, looking for pests, fungus, infestations, and attentive to any factors we can observe influencing your land.


We hold these various needs and values in balance by employing specific strategies like active listening, mutual respect, radical honesty, and soft time. This article speaks intelligently to this topic of “soft (or real) skills” and why we are building a business based on them, in addition to our hard skills. We are resilient because we’ve prioritized these values, which we intend to model our business after as well. 

we long for a world in which these values are universal.

We strive to raise the standard of business ethics

- for EARTH, for you, and for us ALL.


Thank you for joining us in this movement.


people Care 

We aim to place our relationships with you and all people higher than our profits, as often as we can. We will always make an effort to consider your budget, personal preferences and site particularities when determining how we can serve you. This is why we have service rate ranges, like a sliding scale.


Instead of managing your site as if it has no life of its own or trying to fit it into a mechanical system, we want to work with you in an organic and flexible way. We are driven by integrity and pride ourselves in running an ethical business. We work fast and efficiently, to respect your budget and time. 


People Care goes both ways - internally, we see this as Self Care and Crew Care. We aim to place our own human needs higher than our business goals. We each need a living wage, time to rest, access to therapeutic treatments to heal from intense physical work, nutritious food, clean water and a bathroom during the day, as well as a myriad of emotional, psychological and spiritual fulfillment. 


We try to carry ourselves with grace, mindfulness and dignity. We are your co-caretakers of the land you own/rent. We ask that you give us the same degree of respect, value and kindness.We ask for your support and validation of our needs. We are all trying to survive a very harsh, demanding culture. 

 May we bring kindness to each other. We are all in this together. 


This value is based on Permaculture’s third ethic: Fair Share or Future Care. We intend to share our work, our values, our resources and our lives with our community, that includes you. We share relationships with each other, cooperatively instead of competitively.

We rely on sharing from within the community for various resources, as we’ve witnessed through the Susquehanna Gift Circle and the Susquehanna Garden Share, please feel free to join these groups as you are also a valued member of our community. We will share with you, as we learn, grow and discover more about Earth Care and your land.

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“One individual cannot possibly make a difference, alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference—all the difference in the world!”