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“One individual cannot possibly make a difference, alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference—all the difference in the world!”


meet the ladybugs

As women, we are resilient and determined advocates for earth care. Working with the land instead of against it, to help nature thrive. Each Ladybug possesses diverse skills and knowledge, each having followed a unique path in the pursuit of community and earth care.



Founder + Permaculture Designer

Kendra is the founder and director of LadyBug EarthCare. Beyond her BA in Political Theory and Communications, she has acquired certifications in Permaculture, Ecological Design, Wilderness First Aid, Yoga + Somatic Movement Therapy, Holistic Health, Grant Writing and Business Startup Leadership. She has worked in gardens, landscaping, hardscaping, and farming for several years. She curates several local community-building groups, including a gift circle, garden share, seed swaps and skillshares.



Fine Gardener + Masters Program Intern

Kat is a graduate student finishing her master's degree in Community Psychology and Social Change with a focus on environmental caring. She got her bachelor’s degree in psychology and researched behavior change resistance relating to sustainable behavior. Kat co-founded a club during undergrad which helped to create eco-friendly dining hall options and coordinated the Jackson Street Cat Project. She cares for 42 house plants, from which she propagates new plants. She is experienced working in gardens; growing vegetables and herbs. Kat thrives tending to plants that acquire attention to detail and high levels of care, particularly rose bushes. She is interested in the relationship between earthwork and psychological healing.



Eco-Landscaper + Event Coordinator

Andrea brings a focus on Native and Edible Foodscapes. While she has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, her current focus is helping people get creative with their foods and herbs.  She loves the outdoors and gets a great sense of satisfaction and energy from improving spaces and creating changes. She has a great interest in medicinal herbs and mushrooms.



Permaculture Designer + Woodland Steward

Ariane is a student of Environmental Science and certified in Permaculture and Ecological Design. She is currently enrolled in a Woodland Steward program and finds a deep passion in learning about botany, plant medicine, and regenerative soil, land & water management.



Permaculture Designer + Eco-Landscaper

Margaret has obtained her Permaculture and Ecological Design Certificate and believes in the power of plants and the ability of nature to heal us as we interact with Her with good intention.



Food + Herb Gardener

Annie has spent the past 2.5 years living in intentional communities and WWOOFING.  She is continuously developing a strong relationship with herbal medicine, edible forests, market gardens and permaculture/sustainability.  She has managed food gardens in New Zealand, Big Island of Hawaii, and Pennsylvania. She is humbled by the ability to work so closely with Earth and loves sharing her passion on how to deepen our connection with nature through observation and communication.


CHELSEY Trentham

Gardener + Landscaper

Chelsey has a strong desire to learn and work with the land. Growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, observing and helping her mamaw tend to her beautiful and bountiful flower and vegetable garden was where her care for the land began. In 2016, a move to Maine to harvest organic blueberries affirmed her love for travel and working outdoors. It is an honor for her, and truly a meditative practice, to lovingly work on clients gardens to help them create and maintain a beautiful space to enjoy in their very own yard. Traveling, learning new skills, delving into the world of herbalism and furthering her connection and understanding of the oneness that is all around is what drives her to this type of work.


Jessica Secrest

Permaculture Designer + Hardscaper

Jess is an educator and tradeswoman in Harrisburg, PA, with a M.S. in Psychology, and certifications in both permaculture design and yoga. She is a former Behavior Specialist Consultant and Guidance Counselor who advocates a preventative method to mental health that encompasses skill share, nature immersion, and clean eating. With an emphasis on connection—to oneself, others, and nature—she follows a holistic approach when designing a
space. Jess has been restoring and renovating houses throughout Central PA since 2006, and has a passion for taking these renovations outdoors by way of intentional land restoration. She also enjoys bringing nature inside by cooking meals that are wild foraged, grown on her homestead, or bought locally.


meet the gentlebugs

We've known each of these men for years and validate them as safe, supportive allies in our venture. Some of them are survivors too. However, we will always ask consent from our clients before bringing men onto your property.


Ian Gardner

Permaculture Designer + Wildlife Biologist

Ian is a native plant landscape designer with a focus on bringing food and nature home through intuitive designs built around ecological concepts to work with nature—not against it. Ian has a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation from Juniata College, a M.S. in Forest Resources from Penn State, and is a former Wildlife Biologist who specialized in botany and ornithology. Working as a biologist further developed his understanding of the natural world, but he realized his energy was best spent re-wilding urban and suburban spaces through regenerative land management, primarily by restoring native plant communities. That mentality led him to earn his Permaculture Certificate through Hundred Fruit Farm. Since that experience, Ian has developed a focus on native plant propagation, aquaponics, and suburban homesteading, but his passion remains in wild spaces, whether through foraging, birding, or fishing.


Evan Ho

Permaculture Designer + Landscaper



Tyler Yenna

Permaculture Designer + Interior Tradesman