the ladybug VISIT


We designed several ways to build a regenerative relationship

with you and Earth. 

It all starts with meeting you

and visiting your land!  

Choose the Client Process (detailed below)

that fits your interests and needs. 




Regenerative CleanUps

With your preferences + style in mind, we trim, prune + shape your bushes, shrubs, hedges, + trees. We remove debris, deadhead, edge + mulch for low maintenance and high curb appeal. 


Mindful Garden Tending

Never "just weeding," we fully remove the un-wanteds, vines, and "invasive" plants by the roots, while watching for soil conditions and signs of disease.


Soil + Microbiome Health

The soil's health is our wealth. We can help you nourish your land with composting, testing, amending, and regenerating your living soil. 


Garden Care + Regenerative Landscape

Client Process + Rate

Step 1. Request a Garden Visit from the LadyBugs

Click here to complete our Client Intake Form. The LadyBugs will reach out to personalize your next steps!

Step 2. The LadyBugs Visit + offer a Service Proposal

During this Site Visit we will...

  • Listen to your needs/wants
  • Observe the land
  • Take measurements of beds, hedges, etc.
  • Count trees, bushes, plants, etc.
  • Collect notes for a custom service proposal


Our crew will send you a customized EarthCare Service Proposal describing what we think your gardens needs and how we can help. We will negotiate the services you need at the rates you can afford.

We find the term "estimate" to be misleading. Predicting how much time or money a land-based project will take, is difficult, and often impossible. Often we find the industry standard is to over-estimate, to cover unpredictable charges, and then add time and fees anyway.

This Proposal + Agreement is a living document. It will change as we grow together, in relationship with each other and your land. As we interact and observe on site during work days, our awareness of what the land needs will increase and shift. We will only move forward on tasks with your approval and consent.

Step 3. EarthCare Clean Up Service + Rates

In our ethics, it is important to observe and interact first, before asserting our plans. A clean up day allows our full crew to come experience your property, get to know your plants and gain a first-hand awareness of the unique needs of your space.

$270 - $360 :: Small Space

$360 - $540 :: Medium Project

$540 - $810 :: Large Site

$810+ :: TBD Projects

We prefer to do a one-time clean up before starting any designs, plans or ongoing maintenance services. This way we can prepare your site to be well-managed within an accessible budget, and we get to know the land before committing to working it regularly.

Get your CleanUp on our schedule by Requesting a Visit!

Step 4. LadyBug Garden + Landscape Design (optional)

$90 :: Small/Single Garden Consultation + Sketch

$270 :: Medium/Multiple Garden Layouts

$540 :: Full Site Landscape Design + Management Plan

Step 5. Design Installation (optional) + Service Labor Rates*

*pricing depends on the quantity and quality of work you want done, and the degree of difficulty the property presents.

$30-45/hr :: Mindful Gardening (weed, mulch*, trim, etc)

*cost of mulch/supplies not included, labor only

$45-60/hr :: Ethical* Machine Labor (whack, mow, etc)

*batteries charged via wind-powered energy

$60-180/hr :: Permaculture + Ecological Design

Hourly +$1-2/sq ft :: Poison Removal :: $20 min. exposure fee

$20-160 :: Debris Removal (depends on quantity/method)

Step 6. EarthCare Maintenance Contracts (optional)

*pricing depends on the size of property, number of beds, quantity and quality of work needing done.

$90+ :: Bi-Weekly Mar-Nov :: 18 Visits

$180 - $360 :: Monthly Mar-Nov :: 9 Visits

$540+ :: Seasonal *early Spring - late Fall* :: 4 Visits

PERMACULTURE + Ecological Design

Client Process + Rates

Step 1. Request a Consultation with the LadyBugs

Click here to complete our client intake form and the LadyBugs will reach out to customize your next steps!

Step 2. The PDC-certified LadyBugs Visit your site!

You are an integral piece of your property and we want to honor your presence and observations with it!

Several Permaculture Design Certified crew members of LadyBug EarthCare will visit your site and walk through it with you, collecting data and dreams.

This consultation should include:

  • Visit for 0.5 - 2 hours, based on “size of property.”
  • Walk through land... you share your needs, experiences, dreams, current concerns, boundaries, etc.
  • We share our thoughts, observations, knowledge, ideas, concerns, awareness, suggestions, etc.

Designers should leave this consultation with:

  • Sketch of a base map.
  • Notes re: property and client to research and review.
  • Visual and emotional (vibe) data collected in our minds/hearts.
  • Deeper connection/relationship established with client.

Our PDC-certified crew will meet to discuss your situation, compare notes and compile our recommendations. This will be sent to you along with our Eco-Design Questionnaire and an optional Agreement to sign if you want to continue with our analysis and design services.

*$30/hr for additional time needed on site with client

Step 3. Site Analysis: Visit + Report *required before design*

This step provides us with a holistic understanding of the land, it’s needs and influences, before we design plans for its use. It is absolutely necessary to analyze any property before assuming we know what's best for it.

This will require another visit to collect more specific data, followed by a detailed assessment of the current site conditions, including analysis of relevant vectors (water, soil, sun, traffic, wildlife, history, neighbors, laws, climate, etc).

The site analysis visit should include:

  • Visit for 2-4 hours from designers, based on “size of site.”
  • Completed Eco-Design Questionnaire (sent in advance)
  • Samples collected for soil and water (if needed) testing.
  • Details added to base map.

The site analysis report should include:

  • Detailed outline of property, needs, boundaries, limits, etc.
  • Maps of property, and documentation/research on history.
  • Soil/water test analysis and ideas for improvement.
  • Sector + Vector analysis.
  • Base map of current site with permaculture awareness applied.

Value: $180 + (based on size of property)

Step 4. Ecological Design (optional)

Details to be determined by *required* Site Analysis.

Step 5. Design Installation (optional)

Details to be determined by Ecological Design.

Step 6. Management Plan (optional)​

Details to be determined by the Ecological Design.

Step 7. Owner's Manual (optional)

We will develop a manual for you to reference, explaining all the details of the Ecological Design and how to Manage it!


Wildlife Habitat + Pollinators

Earth Care includes creating safe space for beneficial insects and animals, as well as encouraging native plants and pollinators wherever possible. 




Growing your own food is one of the most important things we can do. We install perennial and annual food gardens, and love to help you manage them. 


Tree Care + Woodland Stewardship 

While vines appear beautiful on trees, they are deadly. We remove dead branches, sever vines and create environments where woodland creatures can thrive.


Meditation + Sacred Spaces 

Gardens provide sanctuary and peace. We are honored to create and tend these sacred spaces. Be it a meditation garden or a private reading sanctuary, we strive to bring your vision into reality.




We love using salvaged, found, recycled and discount supplies. We like to pass that low/no cost on to you too, while we all strive to keep trash out of the landfills.



Payment Options

We kindly ask that you pay upon receipt of the invoice, but we can allow up to 30 days. We accept cash or check on site, if a pre-set price was arranged. We also accept digital payments via Cash App, Venmo and PayPal - to Kendra Marie Hoffman. Unpaid invoices will be sent to clients by email, with an option to pay via Wave (% fee). Checks may also be mailed to Kendra Hoffman: 658 Lynes Rd. Dillsburg, PA 17019.

Why Service Ranges?

We list our rates in ranges to allow space for the fluidity and unpredictability of life. Change is the only constant. In this business, everything is constantly fluctuating. Each piece of land is a different size, with a completely unique set of plants, trees, and animals. The growth conditions (sun, water, soil, influences, etc) on each site are unique as well. The weather shifts in somewhat reliable seasons, and then sometimes spontaneously surprises us, which affects the land and plants. In a similar fashion, our female bodies and human brains go through seasons, experience changes, and endure unplanned events/traumas. Our economy, society, culture and communities experience ups and downs, that define and change our lives. We recognize that everyone, including the plants, needs flexibility.

Why a Living Wage?

We create the opportunity for a living wage for all who work with us. A living wage is an essential standard for any ethical business. The work we do is physically demanding and requires self care and therapeutic treatments to maintain life-long physical health. This work is also mentally and emotionally laborious for us, as survivors trying to work within an abusive culture, and provide a radical compassionate service to other survivors. We appreciate your support in this radical business venture, more than you can know.

Where Do We Source Our Materials?

We proudly use local Women-Powered resources, including Dig My Earth + Robinsons; Excavating & Mulch, run by Jill Strang; and C&S Mulch and Stone, run by Kelly and Dan Potteiger