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The EarthCare Library

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The Library features a vast collection of 50+ videos, PDFs, and resources to help you learn and steward your land. 

Each month, a new piece of content (or more!) will be added to help you further your EarthCare practices.



Before you dive into the Library, you also have the option of entering the free Atrium.


what's inside?

The FREE Atrium Includes:

EarthCare 101 MiniClass
EarthCare 101 Workbook
Sit Spot Challenge
Urban EarthCare Checklist
Tool Care Schedule
+ All Future Freebies

The Library Includes:

EarthCare Tips for Monarchs + Beneficial Insects
Seasonal EarthCare Checklist
Summer EarthCare Tips
+ A New Piece of Content (or more!) Each Month

Join by April 23rd to lock in our lowest pricing of $9
 per month

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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